Jerri Corgiat

Award-Winning Author and Editor


February 2015

Update: Sixth book in the LOVE FINDS A HOME series --
Life keeps coming along and knocking aside best-laid plans . Yet I really am nearing completion on the sixth in the Home series. Yes, I'm revising the last two scenes, then... finis! (Okay, after spell-check and formatting the chapters.)

But I'm afraid there will still be a wait... Once it's completed, since my current publisher Istoria, has taken a step back from acquisitions, I'll be heading out to find a new publisher. During that interlude, which I hope won't last too long, the first five books will no longer be available as ebooks, although used copies can still be found via sites such as Amazon.

Meantime, I'm at work at my day job - editing. I truly love helping authors put polish on their stories. It's an honor!


"If a reader is very lucky, sometimes an author will come on the scene and steal her heart... Jerri Corgiat is that kind of author." --Affaire de Coeur

... winner of the first place Award of Excellence for a debut novel category from Reviewers International Organization (RIO).

...HOME BY STARLIGHT and TAKE ME HOME, featured selections for Literary Guild, Doubleday, and Rhapsody bookclubs

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Jerri's series on "Creating a Novel" began with the May, 2004 article, A NOVEL IDEA. See the list of newsletters for other entries in that series.

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A Barnes & Noble bestselling romance during the month of its release
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