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February/​March 2016


Coming Summer 2016!

A brand new book from Jerri Corgiat, and the final installment of the LOVE FINDS A HOME series.

Revisit the O’Malley family through now grown up Daisy, Michael, and Melanie…

And meet the wealthy Barringtons, who will be featured in Jerri’s next series, LOVE ON BLUE HERON BAY.

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Good news…for me, and hopefully you’ll like hearing it, too…

For some years my work was in flux. In 2006, when my then-publisher decided to go a different direction with their list and not extend my contract, Life with a capital L decided to pull me a different direction, too. You know how that goes.

When I finally resumed my seat at my desk, it was largely for my day job, editing.

In the past two years, though, I’ve been able to devote more time to my passion, writing—and to climbing the steep learning curve of self-publishing.

It’s been a big endeavor but will come to fruition within the next few months! Having acquired the rights to my backlist, I’m retooling* the first five books of what I now title the LOVE FINDS A HOME SERIES.

But, best of all, I’m putting the final polish on the sixth and last book. Daisy, Michael, and Melanie are all grown up… and have a story of their own to tell. Look for MY HEART FINDS HOME to be available by the end of May!

These six books will initially be available as ebooks only with print editions scheduled before the end of 2016. I just received new cover art for both and can’t wait to share it!

Please check back here for updates, or you join me on Facebook – Jerri Corgiat Gallagher – or sign up for my newsletter.

I appreciate your taking the time here today!

Happy Reading!

"If a reader is very lucky, sometimes an author will come on the scene and steal her heart... Jerri Corgiat is that kind of author." --Affaire de Coeur

... winner of the first place Award of Excellence for a debut novel category from Reviewers International Organization (RIO).

...HOME BY STARLIGHT and TAKE ME HOME, featured selections for Literary Guild, Doubleday, and Rhapsody bookclubs

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Jerri's series on "Creating a Novel" began with the May, 2004 article, A NOVEL IDEA. See the list of newsletters for other entries in that series.

Small-town, big-family romance, hearkening back to a gentler time

Jerri's award-winning debut novel, the one that launched the series.
A Barnes & Noble bestselling romance during the month of its release
A Barnes & Noble bestselling romance during the month of its release
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