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August, 2013
Update: Sixth book in the Love Finds a Home Series --
Yep, still working on it. Maybe done just before Christmas. I'm sorry for the long delay, but I have good excuses! Really! I've been dealing with some back issues, which should be resolved soon, although said resolution will take me out of commission for a short time in September.

Exciting news, though (for me, anyway!). Sing Me Home, the first book in the Love Finds a Home series, is once again available in print. Look for it on Amazon. Plus I just finished proofing the copy for the new print version of Follow Me Home...and the other books will follow over the next six months.

My historical novel, currently titled CERTAIN DARK THINGS, an American Gothic historical, for lack of a better term (it's filled with family secrets and a brooding old home), is making the rounds of New York editors. Fingers crossed, one will snap it up!

June, 2013
Update: Sixth book in the Love Finds a Home Series --
I'm still working on it. Honest! Simultaneously with this book, I've been writing another--a historical novel, something more along the lines of ye ol' Gothic, with a slew of family secrets revealed at the end. That book is making the rounds in New York and has required revisions, so I had to put Book Six on the back burner while I adjusted priorities. (Also I do some editing to keep me in groceries, and people who pay me regular sums have to have first attention. I get hungry!) I promise I've not forgotten it - and am happy you're being patient.

May, 2013
All my lovely intentions to keep this site current seem to slip by the wayside, not out of disinterest but because of a very full plate, as most of you can understand, too!

My have-to-eat job involves copyediting and editing projects, but I also reserve much of my time to write. I just finished a historical opus (a "gothic-type," family-secrets thing, for lack of a specific genre name). My agent is peddling this to the Big NY Editors, even as I continue to work on some revisions. (Stay tuned...)

As for the LOVE FINDS A HOME series, which stalled when my publisher dropped it after five books, I'm about halfway through the rewrite of a first draft of the sixth, as yet untitled, which I hope to see e-published within the year.

Daisy will make a return in Book Six, and I'll introduce a new family of characters I hope to follow through another series.

The original five HOME books are available as ebooks (click on any cover), published by Istoria Books.

They will also be available again in print, beginning this summer, one book at a time!

That's my life right now... Friend me on FB--I'd love to know a little about yours!


VIRTUAL BOOK TOUR - I blogged on various sites this past summer and early fall. Check them out if you've time!

Exciting News! Love Finds a Home series, first published in paperback 2004-2007 by Penguin Putnam is available again this summer in e-format from Istoria Books!

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A Barnes & Noble bestselling romance during the month of its release
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