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"A delightful book"bestselling author Catherine Anderson

"A treasure…a tender romantic story"bestselling author Susan Wiggs


Love strums a melody...

Country rock star Jonathan Van Castle and small-town widow Lilac O'Malley wed to protect his children and soon find their hearts humming amid the tangle of family. Until a passel of big ol' baggage threatens their new-found harmony.


Published: 2004 Penguin Putnam/New Ed. 2016 Gallagher Rose LLC

"A thoughtful story... with just the right touch of sweetness."

--Bestselling author Pamela Morsi


Love serves up surprises...
Slinging hash wasn't socialite Alcea O'Malley Addams' life goal, but divorce hit the pocketbook hard. Now she faces a platter of problems, from foreclosure to a difficult daughter to a frustrating mother to life in a noxious pink trailer, and the return of nomad author Dakota Jones, her high school sweetheart...and brother of the tramp who stole her ex-husband.


Published: 2004 Penguin Putnam/New Ed. 2016 Gallagher Rose LLC

"Corgiat skillfully interweaves (life issues)…into this hard-hitting...romance featuring a likeable, if flawed, adult Dorothy trying to decide where she really belongs: Oz or Kansas."

—Lynne Welch, Booklist, 2005


Sometimes love is right under your Manolo Blahniks...

Drafted by her sisters, Mari O'Malley returns to the Ozarks to care for their mother. Boredom has her poking her nose into the life of her sister's troubled adolescent son. Helping him lands her in the arms of her childhood playmate, former bad-boy Andy Eppelwaite, and as they work to help him, love blossoms… and is threatened by her past big-city decisions.


Published: 2005 Penguin Putnam/New Ed. 2016 Gallagher Rose LLC

Featured selection for

Literary Guild, Doubleday, and Rhapsody Book Clubs 2006


Juggling four children, livestock, and a rundown farmhouse in the Ozarks, widowed and shy Patsy Lee O'Malley barely has time for sleep, let alone indulgence in dreams. When a mishap knocks her off her feet at an O'Malley wedding, her famous brother-in-law's bandmate, Zeke Townley, comes to her rescue. Roar of applause long stilled, he's enjoyed a sophisticated life—and is aghast to find himself committed to help Patsy Lee's rambunctious household.


Published: 2006 Penguin Putnam/New Ed. 2016 Gallagher Rose LLC


Featured selection for

Literary Guild, Doubleday, and Rhapsody Book Clubs 2006


Love can be better the second time around...

Beautiful Florida Jones is a small-town success with a thriving business, spirited young daughter, and engagement to a wealthy bachelor who promises the wider world she yearns for But an unexpected visit from the mother who abandoned her sparks a tragic accident, unearths family secrets, and leaves her dependent on the very woman she loathes—as well as the ex-lover who long ago threw her over.


Published: 2007 Penguin Putnam/New Ed. 2016 Gallagher Rose LLC

"The attention to detail, well-drawn characters who aren't ever black or white, and explosive family dynamics makes for a deep and sensitive read."

--Kathryn Shay, New York Times Bestselling Author


Three young women must choose between duty and love…

A ferocious tornado sends an Ozarks town reeling. In its aftermath, whirlwind Daisy O'Malley's family is upended by the tangle of deceit she knotted years ago…her cousin Melanie Van Castle draws ever closer to Daisy's husband Dan…who's losing their son to wealthy Elizabeth Barrington. Rachel Mindenhall, nurse to the matriarch's mother, vows to shield him…and also keep secret her own son is Elizabeth's grandchild.


Published: 2016 Gallagher Rose LLC